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Give a Gift. Change the World.

For 90 years World Learning has built vital bridges across cultures—fostering the intercultural engagement, understanding, and cooperation that will pave the way for a brighter future. From standing on the frontlines of the fight against climate change to advancing equity and social justice, World Learning alumni and programs are changing the world. Please help us continue this legacy by making a gift today.

What does your gift fund? Your generous support will help fund ongoing digital programming and innovations, relaunch our programs abroad, and sustain the scholarship funds that extend our reach and accessibility. Some examples of what your gift could go towards include:

$26: Give a student in Lebanon access to a “Learn at Home” remote learning kit

$50: Train World Learning STEM teacher on effective virtual instruction

$100: COVID-19 testing and PPE for one World Learning program participant

$350: One full scholarship for a participant of The Experiment Digital

$600: Outfit a needy school in Lebanon with a new classroom library

$1,200: A week of training in Brattleboro, VT, for a World Learning youth group leader

$5,000: Program outreach & recruitment activities

$7,000: One full scholarship for a traditional Experiment program abroad

$20,000: Development of one new program for The Experiment or SIT Study Abroad

$18,000–$25,000: One full scholarship for an IHP or SIT Study Abroad student

$43,500: One full scholarship for an SIT master’s degree student

Please fill out the form below to make an online donation or click here to discover more ways to give.