About Us

Mission and Values

The World Learning Inc. family includes the global development and exchange nonprofit World Learning; The Experiment in International Living, the nation’s most experienced provider of international education through exchanges for high school students; and School for International Training (SIT), offering accredited undergraduate study abroad programs through SIT Study Abroad and internationally focused master’s degrees through SIT Graduate Institute.


To work globally to enhance the capacity and commitment of individuals, institutions, and communities to create a more sustainable, peaceful, and just world.

Core Values

World Learning Inc.’s core values are deeply ingrained principles that guide all of our actions and are central to our identity. Our values are a window into our culture and the rules of our organizational behavior. They unite us and inform our internal and external relationships. They drive our decision making and are reflected how we do our work and fulfill our mission.


We value active togetherness, reciprocity, and respect as the essential ingredients for sustainable community-building.  With our presence and our programs, we create a global network of learners empowered to become community builders and collaborators.

Intercultural Understanding

With open minds, empathy, and courage, we facilitate understanding of and respect for the commonalities and differences between people. We do this through cultural immersion and experiential learning, which leads us to seek and create a better world.

Social Inclusion & Justice

We champion inclusion in all that we are and all that we do, from ensuring our community and our programs amplify the voices, agency, and dignity of all people to deliberately instilling the principles and practices of inclusion in all of our work. We seek a world in which individuals and communities are self-determining, interdependent, and equitable.


We are committed to human and environmental well-being and contributing to a better world for all living and future generations.

Strategic Plan

World Learning Inc.’s strategic plan is focused around five key themes to help us meet our goals. This strategic plan builds on our decades of success as both an accredited academic institution and international nongovernmental organization (NGO) to maximize our impact and make the world better today and for generations to come. 

Exceptional Programs: Always Experiential, Always Global

Deliver exceptional experiential programs that demonstrably meet the needs of individuals, institutions, and communities for continuous life-long learning and leadership.

Strong Financial Heart

Ensure an operating model that creates reliable financial sustainability and investment capital for the future with an unwavering commitment to ethics.      

Thriving Staff and Faculty

Develop and lead a diverse, thriving, and networked community of staff and faculty across the globe

Collaborative Spirit: Externally and Meaningfully Engaged

Develop a framework and approach to evaluate and implement strategic alliances to advance World Learning Inc.’s mission and expand our impact.

One Organization with Unique Brands

Leverage all programs/brands of World Learning Inc. as one strong, globally-committed, experientially-focused organization while enhancing the unique characteristics of each.